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The Advantages of big bags

The Advantages of big bags comparing with other style of packaging materials:

1. Safety - Big Bag containers have a 6 to 1 lifting safety factor. With tubular design the risk of side seam failure has been reduced.

2. Cleaner environment - Fill and discharge spouts control dust during filling and emptying which avoids the risk of fire and then a cleaner and healthier work place is available.

3. Less risk of damage - An inserted polyethylene liner or lamination makes the Big Bag moisture resistant as well as stronger than other flexible containers.

4. Lower costs – Rapid filling and less shipping damage reduce operating costs, and a collapsed bag stores in only 5% of its filled volume.

5. Enhanced appearance – White clean Big Bag containers with high quality printing of your name or logo create a positive presentation.

Big Bag flexible intermediate bulk containers are being integrated into material handling systems worldwide.SINOPACK is one of the leading manufacturer of quality big bags. We help our customers from various industries with the problem of package. Welcome to contact us for more details about our big bag products.

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